The funnest fun

We love to have fun, everything we do is fun, it’s all about the experience, and no one leaves without one.
It’s never too late to have a happy childhood we say and not only will little ones get to have the amazing experiences we have to offer; the ‘big’ kids can join in the fun too! We are super passionate and full of the funnest fun, Nickerbockerdoodlebug is your perfect event partner – so come play with us! Our energy will inspire you!

Corporate family days/music festivals

KIDS FUN ZONES are a vital element to corporate family days/launch events/marathon events/music festivals… it gives kids the freedom to play in a safe environment while thier parents get to unwind and take in all the day has to offer, corporate or otherwise.

Kids Zones

We are super passionate and full of the funnest fun.
We specialise in setting up KIDS FUN ZONES for festivals, corporate family day events, sporting events, marathon events, brand activation events and mall activations.

Brand activation/Product launch

Everything you ever needed and more to take your brand to the next level.
No matter how big, small or really odd in
size, we can setup a KIDS FUN ZONE anywhere, kids zones are totes awesome, a value add to any kids brand launch/activation/music festival…Just ask our DStv client 🙂 

Soft Play Hire

Wherever we go, our SOFT PLAY toys come with us. Whether for an event or a private party, babies and toddlers can play in a fun and safe environment. .

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